An Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring (ADRM) Cell has been established in the Directorate General of Drug Administration (DGDA). The committee is chaired by Mr. A. A. Salim Barami, Director, DGDA; other members include Ms. Nayer Sultana, Deputy Director, DGDA; Dr. Afsana Alamgir Khan, Bacteriologist, Drug Testing Laboratory; Mr. Akhter Hossain, Assistant Director, DGDA; and representatives from the Institute of Epidemiology and Disease Research and SIAPS. Dr. Afsana also acted as the focal person for the ADRM Cell.

The purpose of the ADRM Cell is to ensure the collection and recording of ADR reports in an online system and to analyze and review data to detect any causal relationship or a signal regarding a possible ADR. The ADRM Cell also closely monitors new medicines in the marketplace to look for any new ADRs, issue warnings, identify new indications or changes, and if necessary, advocate for the withdrawal of medicines following the issuance of recommendations by the Adverse Drug Reaction Advisory Committee (ADRAC).

The ADRM Cell assisted in the formation of the ADRAC and supports the issuance of notifications of ADRs by MOHFW. The ADRM Cell facilitates ADRAC meetings and takes necessary actions to bring ADR reports before the Committee to assess any causal relationship and to make recommendations.

With support from SIAPS, the ADRM is now fully active and successfully facilitated the first ADRAC meeting. The updated ADR reporting form was presented and approved at this meeting. This is a key achievement of the ADRM Cell. In addition, 20 public and private hospitals around the country were identified at which the ADR reporting form will be initially introduced. To ensure proper reporting, focal persons from the hospitals have been designated by the hospital directors. They will be trained by the ADRM Cell, with support from SIAPS, to ensure proper reporting and rational use of medicines.

Another achievement of the ADRM Cell is the publication of the pharmacovigilence guideline for Bangladesh. The draft guideline has been finalized and was launched in September. Finally, the ADRM Cell is working to earn membership in the Uppsala Monitoring Centre, the international drug monitoring organization set up by WHO. The ADRM Cell facilitated submission of an application from the DGDA to MOHFW to recognize the ADRM Cell as the national drug monitoring centre for Bangladesh.

The Secretary acknowledged the remarkable accomplishment of the Directorate General of Drug Administration (DGDA) as well as the support provided by SIAPS.

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