A half day program was conducted on to assess the Users Acceptance of the DGDA Website on 03 December, 2013 at the MSH/SIAPS Conference Room. The session was chaired by Maj. Gen. Jahangir Hossain Mollik, Director General, Directorate General of Drug Administration and facilitated by SIAPS technical staff.

The objectives were;

  •  On –the-Job training for the DGDA officials who will be the main user of the website
  • Train the users on the usage of the new included forms and how to input data and information
  • Ensure proper reports are generated by including real time data into the formats Ensure acceptance of the site by the DGDA officials
  • To demonstrate that the system is fit for use in the business e.g. to ensure that the system satisfies the needs of the business as specified in the functional requirements and provides confidence in its use.
  • To identify and expose defects/bug, communicate all known issues to the SIAPS team, and ensure that all issues are addressed in an appropriate manner
  • To provide an in-depth knowledge in terms of quality of the system, usage and very importantly,  benefits out of it.

The programme started with brief welcome remarks from Mr. Jahangir Hossain Mollik, Director General, DGDA followed by remarks from Dr. Zubayer Hussain, CPD, SIAPS. Once the programme started a brief presentation from starting of the design on the website till the end and how it was produced was shared with the DGDA staffs. The method of the testing was such, that each part/module of the website was first demonstrated and the users were given time to use it themselves and then answer to the questions in the questionnaire. The Feedback questionnaire was developed based on the modules on the website and the questions were raised in accordance of their usage.

The participants provided very concrete feedback and suggestion from the participants after demonstrating the website. Few of them are;

  • Update the caption of the web site ‘Directorate General of Drug Administration’. Add ‘DGDA’ at the end
  • An entry form is required so that DGDA will be able to include new offices as and when introduced.
  • The home page map will be linked with the address database, so that any new office will automatically show on map.
  • Dhaka office icon should show in different color. Map pop-up should show Office Name, Address & Phone#. Head office & divisional offices in different color
  • The site can contain a discussion board or maybe blog? Need to discuss more to finalize. Some questions – will it be interactive? Question/answer mode? Users need to register before posting questions? Questions will be open for public viewing? Anyone will be able to answer? Or only designated personnel? One on one communication? Requesting for information will be through this channel?
  • 3 member team would be formed who will be oriented to handle Content Management System of the site

 Taking into considerations all these suggestions and comments an action plan with specific roles and responsibilities has been developed to move forward.

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