In light of the recent achievements of the ADRM Cell including it being declared as the National Drug Monitoring Centre by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfares (MoHFW), DGDA was awarded an Associate membership from the WHO International Drug Monitoring Centre (WHO-UMC). Consequently, in order to attain the full benefits of WHO-UMC, DGDA with the assistance of SIAPS MSH has succeeded in taking the necessary steps to make Bangladesh become a full member of WHO-UMC.

As of January 2014, Bangladesh has paid the necessary fee that allows its access to VigiBase, a WHO global Individual Case Safety Reports (ICSRs) database, through WHO-UMC web base tool,

VigiFlow as a first step. VigiBase contains more than 8 million case reports of suspected adverse drug reactions submitted by increasing number of members. The second step to attaining a full membership will be to submit ICSRs regularly to the database to create a working relationship. Being a full member of WHO International Drug Monitoring Centre has benefits, such as:

  •  Access to VigiBase
  • Early information about potential safety data
  • Access to PV Terminologies and software
  • Access to training materials, guidelines, and resources
  • Access to international network

Furthermore, the ADE reporting form for Bangladesh has been mapped into the corresponding fields in VigiFlow and reports can now be entered into the account.

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