SIAPS initiated support to the DGDA in 2013 to revive dormant committees and cells in the Directorate. As a result, the Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring (ADRM) Cell has become fully functional, with meetings taking place at regular intervals. When the ADRM Cell took up its responsibilities, it applied to MOHFW on July 22, 2013, requesting recognition as the National Drug Monitoring Centre (NDMC) for Bangladesh. On September 3, 2013, the Ministry issued a notification declaring the ADRM Cell as the NDMC for the country. The DGDA itself is declared as the NDMC, however within the DGDA, the ADRM Cell will play the pivotal role and carry out the appropriate activities. The ADRM Cell is led by Mr. A.A. Salim Barami,Director (current in-charge). The members are Ms.Nayer Sultana, Deputy Director, DGDA; Mr. Akter Hossain, Assistant Director, DGDA; Ms. Afsana Alamgir Khan, Bacteriologist, District Tuberculosis and Leprosy; a representative from the Institute of Epidemiology Disease Control and Research; and a representative from SIAPS. The NDMC is a necessary entity to monitor ADRs, which is an important component of PV. The DGDA is responsible for ensuring medicine safety and quality for the people of Bangladesh. To streamline and clarify the process, it is important that a team of people be designated to carry out the activities, so that they are performed properly and in a systematic manner. This will be done by the NDMC. The NDMC will also collaborate with the WHO International Drug Monitoring Centre, which will further strengthen its capacity. The overall Bangladesh health system will be improved when necessary actions are taken in response to ADR cases, thereby enhancing the provision of quality medicine to the people of the country.

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